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Regal Show FAQs

What’s the show?

In 2023, Regal Productions will be producing a show based on the classic novel, The Lost Prince, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of The Secret Garden, The Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy). 


Will it be on stage?

Yes! This year (unless Hashem has other plans) we will be performing on stage in front of a live audience in both Yerushalayim and Bet Shemesh. 


Will the show be travelling this year?

Yes! We plan to travel to various locations in Europe. More details about dates will be provided nearer the time. Cast and crew are expected to pay for their own tickets. Cast and crew must comply with all rules and restrictions connected to Coronavirus, including vaccination if this is a necessary requirement for travelling. Please be aware that each country has its own rules.


Where and when are rehearsals?

Our main rehearsal venue is the RBS Matnas, however, rehearsals may take place in other locations in and around Bet Shemesh, to be confirmed nearer the time. Regular rehearsals will be in the afternoon, evening and night. Dress rehearsals will take place during afternoons, evenings and possibly into the night.


When will the production be performed?

January/February 2023 in Israel, February/March 2023 in Europe.


Do I have to pay to be in the show?

All girls (Grades 2-12) in the show pay as a chug. Please note that there will be additional mandatory expenses for costumes and accessories, and optional expenses such as a Regal sweatshirt.


My daughter is young. Do mothers need to be involved?

Yes. Mothers of girls under 14 are expected to be involved with the show and will be asked to volunteer their time and energy to be part of our amazing crew.


Will there be a video?

There will be a USB version of The Lost Prince that will be recorded live and the show will be available to watch via our online streaming platform,


What about Corona?

At the moment, there are no restrictions on rehearsals or performances. Regal Productions will comply with all regulations that are published by the Ministry of Health and we expect that all cast and crew comply with these regulations when they are part of any audition, rehearsal, meeting or performance.

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