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The Story of Regal Productions

Regal Productions has been staging quality musical theater productions that have been enjoyed by Jewish women and girls for over 20 years. Our shows have been performed live in theaters in Yerushalayim, New York and all over Europe.


Regal Productions was started by Chayelle Regal and Rikki Reichman, a pair of friends from London who always enjoyed putting on plays together. From the very first show, it was decided that Regal Productions would raise funds for Zir Chemed.

Along with our dedication to raising much-needed funds for this important organization, Regal Productions is proud to provide top-quality entertainment for Jewish women and girls.

All our cast and crew are dedicated volunteers, women and girls from Bet Shemesh and other locations in Israel, who are thrilled to use the talents that Hashem gave them for this cause.

Everything you are about to see, from the script to the music to the choreography, from the costumes to the set and props - is all the hard work of our talented volunteers.

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