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Plot Summary

Our story is based on the classic children’s novel, The Lost Prince, a less well-known book written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of The Secret Garden, A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy.


The story follows Marco Loristan and his father who are living in Venice. Marco meets and befriends The Rat, a boy who cannot walk and is leader of a squad of street boys. Marco and the Rat are fascinated by the legend of the Lost Prince. The legend tells of the beloved prince of Samavia who walked out of the palace one day and was never seen again. Samavia has been at war ever since and patriots eagerly await the day when the descendant of the Lost Prince will reveal himself and reclaim his throne. The boys recreate the legend as a game - but could it possibly be true?


Our message is that everyone has a part to play.

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