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Character Descriptions

Two Main Child Parts:


Sylvie: She is a spunky little girl who looks about 9 years old. She has grown up in the circus, and is now stowing away with her big brother Passepartout on the trip around the world. She is fearless, adorable, and clever. 

Princess: She is a poised, disciplined Indian princess who also looks about 9 years old. She has been thrown out by her people and needs to be rescued. 


Both main parts need to be excellent at acting, have great singing voices, and be able to move to the beat.


6-8 Girl Chorus members:


As we travel around the world, every location has a bunch of children in it! We are looking for 6-8 actresses with dynamic stage presence and good dramatic movement. Singing talent is a plus! Dancing talent is also a plus. We would like to have some Gymnasts as part of this group. 


3 Adult Main Characters:


Phileas Fogg: Middle aged proper English gentleman who is strictly punctual and intelligent - but has a not-entirely-hidden sparkle to him. Rigid but lovable with hidden depth. Must be a strong singer.

Passpartout: Under 30 year old French former circus performer seeking a quiet life as a butler for Mr Fogg. He is the caretaker for his orphaned little sister. Must be a strong singer, and the ability to move comically and flexibly is desirable.

Detective Fix: English policeman, dogged and determined. Must be a versatile actress, good singer, and humorous. .


8 Adult Chorus members:


All adult chorus members will need to sing well, and act. They will double up as different characters with lines in different scenes. 


8 Dancers:

We are looking for 8 dancers who are talented and versatile in different styles. 

Dancers must have stage presence. 

Dancers who can also do gym may be given the option to do gym as well.

Dancers must be at least 15 years old.


Please note: There is no Regal Girls Choir this year.

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