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You are invited to
an audition callback!

Please carefully review the below so you are prepared!


You MUST fill out this form before attending callbacks:

If you haven’t filled out the form,

you may not participate in callbacks.


Then proceed to Step Two!

STEP TWO: What to prepare!


Dancers: No need to prepare anything. Go to Step Three!

Women and girls: Please prepare to sing “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”. Learn from the vocal track, and practice singing with and without the instrumental track.

If you were called back for PLAY, please see the lines for SYLVIE and AOUDA (pages 3 and 9).

If you were called back for CHORUS, please proceed to step 3.

STEP THREE: What / who to bring!

Mothers are asked to attend callbacks with their daughters (for girls under 15) but please do not bring siblings or babies.


Please bring a water bottle and a snack.

STEP FOUR:  What to wear!


Everyone should wear clothing and shoes they are comfortable moving in. 


Dancers and chorus should be sure to have leggings under their skirts.


Hair should be pulled back so we can see your faces!

For a quick reminder of what characters we’re looking for, you can go to

Callbacks will take place at the RBS Matnas in the ulam or studio off the library.

Callback Schedule:


7:30 PM Adult Callbacks


4:00 PM Kid Play Callbacks*

7:00 PM Dance Callbacks


7:00 PM Kid Chorus Callbacks*

Adult Callbacks

*kids under 15 at callbacks must be accompanied by a mother

LASTLY: Please note for anyone accepted into the play, Monday June 19 is a Mandatory Cast/Crew Meeting.

Any questions? Email or call Shuli Pielet 0527662113


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